Thursday, July 29, 2010

NeverShoutNever and Linden

I could spend time asking how your summer went but the answer is "It was too short and now I have too much homework!" So since we have that out of the way let me introduce you guys to a uniquely talented acoustic artist. Those of you that have heard of him will understand when I say I'm out of words...- 'NeverShoutNever'.

This is the alias of nineteen year old Christofer. His big exposure came... yes, from the internet. A big thanks to MySpace! He began performing as 'NerverShoutNever' in September 2007.

He toured alongside big names such as The Cab, Mercy Mercedes, We the Kings and Forever the Sickest Kids on the Wonka Tour that made a stop at the Lake Buena Vista House Of Blues! This one of a kind big heart artist admires all his fans and takes time to acknowledge them! No matter the emotion he probably has a song to accompany you...I really enjoy 'liarliarpantsonbackwards' and 'I just laugh' NeverShoutNever is available on itunes now!

Linden, is a very talented group of singers and musicians coming out of Wisconsin. The group says Linden came from a song they each enjoyed, 'An Oak tree stands beside a Linden' from one of the group's favorite bands “I can make a mess like nobody's business''. Consisting of Kara on vocals, Casi on Keys/vocals and Steven on bass. The vocals of Linden are similar to a less hash not as hard VersaEmerge with musical styling similar to The Morning Of, Meg and Dia and pop's Kate Voegle.

Linden is currently in the studio working on their full length record! You can purchase their EP 'The Future Is...' on either itunes or the bands merchandise store at! I really enjoyed 'Attached' and 'reflections' which are posted on their MySpace.... Linden is a great pop band headed for a ranking in America’s top 40 countdown!


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