Friday, July 30, 2010

Every Avenue

Formed in 2003 out of Marysville, Michigan and signed to Fearless Records in 2007, Every Avenue mixes the strong flavors from punk-rock grunge of the 90's with powerpop from today's top emo/rock sound's.

Their first full length album "Shhhh...Just go with it" was released in 2008 and ranked number 27 US Billboards HeatSeekers. Touring with bands such as Hit the Lights, Farewell, Mayday Parade, All Time Low, The Maine, and the band made their first trip to the UK in January 2009, being the opening for Boys Like Girls . Appearing on the Vans Warped Tour and receiving more than 150,000 downloads of "Where were you" on Mark Hoppus' "Hi My Name Is Mark" blog on iTunes.

Every Avenue was one of the band's that opened on the Alternative Press Tour 2010. I had the Opportunity to attend the show at Orlando's House of Blues with Headliner NeverShoutNever, the crowd and myself included had such a crazy time when they took to the stage, I started hearing the first few lyrics of "Where were you" I looked around to see everyone over singing and jumping high as they could! I would defiantly see them again!

With song's like "Tell me I'm a wreck", "Girl Like That", and "Mindset" this band is the perfect Soundtrack for your hot summer days!

The band's latest album "Picture Perfect" is available on iTUNES and they are currently headling the "Rock YourSelf to Sleep Tour" by Motel 6.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday Night Fever Q&A

Q: As a band is there one particular artist/band you look up to or find inspiration from?

A: Micheal Jackson

Q: What is the meaning behind ‘Friday Night Fever’, How did you come up with that name?

A: We really liked the bars and the dance theme. The name kind of hit us. We had a few to choose from and ended up putting a few options on Myspace and asked which ones our fans liked best.

Q: What genre of music do you consider your band to be?

A: Pop/Rock

Q: If you had to choose a theme song what would it be?

A: Queen “We Will Rock You”

Q: What are your goals as far as your music careers?

A: To pack an arena, to go platinum, to have a #1, to be ‘TIMELESS!’

Q: What is some advice you have for young musicians hoping to make in the entertainment world?

A: Listen to the people smarter than you, those that have made it in the industry, Don’t be stubborn, don’t be afraid to change… be willing to change…

Q: Now let’s talk about this tour! Do you guy’s have a favorite Junk food for the road?

A: Derek: Sour Patch Kids and White Macadamia Cookies

A: Luke: Pizza and ice cream

A: Landon: Reese’s cup and caned energy drinks like Rock star

A: Joe: ice cream

Q: Describe your music in one word.

A: Awesome-Scorgasim

Fefe Dobson

Pop/Rock Singer-songwriter, Fefe Dobson, from Ontario, Canada, began writing when she was 14, and by 16 years old she was taking the music world by storm.

In 2003 her self-titled album went gold and earned her two Juno award nominations; gaining endorsements deals with “Got Milk” ads and “Tommy Hilfiger” campaigns.
Fefe’s songs have been placed in Drew Barrymore’s film “Whip It”, “The Perfect Score” and on TV promo’s for “Fringe” and “Lipstick Jungle”.
Fefe was also a co-writer on the track “Start All Over” which was recorded by Miley Cyrus for her 2007 album Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus.
Now, she is releasing her sophomore album Joy in early July. With a British flair in the single “I Want You” and her newest release “Ghost,“ she not only showcases her versatility, but her creative musical style and wonderful pop/punk vocals. I recommend you also check out some of her older tracks like “Take Me Away” and “Kiss Me Fool”, but fair warning they will get stuck in your head!

For those of you in the Central Florida area Fefe will be performing for free at Red Hot and Boom this July, along with other talented artist such as Jessie James and The White Tie Affair.

If you enjoy Pink’s style, and Ke$ha’s daring melodies, you’ll love Fefe Dobson.

Briana Waldorf

Lyrics from Briana Waldorf’s debut single “My World” . Her words define this talented girl as a refreshingly positive and determined pop singer in a world in need of her pure and youthful character.
Emerging from Tampa, Florida, Briana began singing at age 8 with musical influences from pop super-stars like Mariah Carey and Rihanna.
Not only is she a pop vocalist but a talented songwriter, turning her own experiences into melodies and Lyrics. Briana top’s off her abilities by playing most stringed instruments as well as the piano.
As a member of the ROTC as Cadet Captain she has a respect for the military and credits the ROTC with teaching her dedication, responsibility, leadership and discipline. Volunteering to choreograph and design costumes for youth performances in her community. She has a love for people that shows’ in her amicable personality.
I had the opportunity to not only meet Briana Waldorf but to work with her at a performance this past December. This zestful artist not only brought a smile to everyone’s face but showed her true professional attitude when she performed despite having lost her voice the prior night, yet not one person in the audience suspected anything. She even stayed late after the show and taking photo’s with anyone who asked.

If you enjoy Jordin Sparks, Selena Gomez and Miranda Cosgrove you will love Briana Waldorf.

Check her out on iTUNES

Friday Night Fever

Friday Night Fever is a Pop/Rock band blasting out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Formed from the remains of the two unsigned bands, Forever in a Day, and Saving Litchfield, they have a contagious sound and charismatic stage performances. It's really not hard to figure out why these guys are progressing so quickly in the music world.
Performing at various Bamboozle shows with PowerPunk Band Forever the Sickest Kids with current songs from the EP like "Glamour Kills", they offer something you really don't hear often in today's bands. Harmonizing, with melodies and utilizing lyrics that make you smile a little every time you hear a song and with such an infectious pop beat. A "Summer" song! as well as the popular "She felt like destroying something beautiful" are great examples. I could compare this to All Time Low, but it would not be accurate because on their tracks the vocals are much stronger. These alternative rock tunes catch you the moment the tracks start.

Friday Night Fever has been featured and praised by Alternative Press Magazine, Absolut Punk, The Daily Chorus, and top new music chart. I had the opportunity to interview the guys, and besides being a blast to speak with they are filled with dedication and ambition. They also agreed to give us a signed band T-shirt to go with the article.
You can find FNF on YouTube, Facebook, and ITUNES. As FNF puts it; "This is one fever you can't sweat out" Remember to request Friday Night Fever on your local radio stations so the band can get greater circulation of their music!
I Am Vassal

1. As an acoustic artist is there one particular artist/band you look up to or find inspiration from?

"I really look up to Bright Eyes and Death Cab For Cutie. They both have such depth to they're lyrics and are so musically talented. I guess you could say they are my biggest inspiration."

2. You play guitar, are you self-taught?

"I am sort of self taught. My dad helped at first, but after awhile I just kinda took it and ran with it."

3. What is the meaning behind 'I am Vassal'?

"In the Medieval times when a peasant owed something to a noble they become a servant to their noble lord. They were then called a Vassal. I feel like I am a servant to my lord so I Am Vassal."

4. Do you play any other instruments?

"I can play piano or synth, bass, harmonica, drums, mandolin, banjo, and ukulele. I taught myself all of them, but I am best at guitar, bass, uke and piano."

5. What genre of music do you consider yourself?

"I don't really think genres are important. Music is a form of expression and you shouldn't classify that into different things. I wouldn't want to attract just a group that likes 'indie'' or 'acoustic' music. I want to attract people that like just music in general."

6. How would you describe your sound?

"The sound of my music is calm I guess. It is something you can listen to when you are just relaxing. I try to not make it boring, but not like full of energy, so I guess it is just relaxing."

7. What is one artist/band you would love to see in concert this year?

"I would love to see Death Cab if they do a tour."

8. What is your hope to accomplish in music?

"I just hope I can reach people with my lyrics. I want people to be able to relate to the words I sing. I would love to go as far as I can with it and if it happens then awesome, but if not then I will always use it for a way to get my emotions out."
9. What is your “Theme'' song right now?

"hmm... I honestly have no idea."
10. Where is your dream place to perform?

"I don't really have a single place I would love to perform. I guess I would like to play shows at like a House of Blues, but other than that there's no specific place."

The AP Tour HOB 2010

The AP Tour 2010 at HOB Orlando

The Summer Set, There for Tomorrow, Every Avenue, The Cab, NeverShoutNever

Sunday April, 18th 2010 was one of the biggest shows at House of Blues this year as of yet with the AP Tour and headlining artist NeverShoutNever. Getting to an already formed line at 2:30 in the afternoon outside the House of Blues I realized it was going to be a long afternoon when by 3:30pm everyone's clothes were drenched in rain and our umbrellas were doing a horrible job of keeping anyone dry. By 5:30 the line stretched nearly the entire length of the West Side section of DownTown Disney, both wet and excited we started to move slowly around the venue until I was submerged in the middle of a pit crowded with youth wanting to hear some great music.

At the first sound of drums behind the legendary HOB curtain's the crowds' screams began to grow larger and the curtain swung open to reveal the upbeat band The Summer Set who played a fun set and I must say being a girl I love the fact that they have a female drummer rocking the stage , I don't see that very often.

Now Hey Monday was the next band lined up to perform but as all the opening acts are subject to change the band There For Tomorrow played in place. The lead singer showcased his love of the stage and his skill with the guitar as well as a great set from the whole band. But something

interesting I noticed about this lead singer was when I looked around I noticed the majority of the audience screaming over him had wrist bands on (over 21). hmmm:)
Next was the punk/rock band Every Avenue who was personally my favorite of the three bands that had performed so far. They got the crowd going crazy when the band performed "Where Were You" and the lead singer let completely loose when he crowd surfed and climbed in the pit.
The Cab with lead singer Alex DeLeon was such a cool calm artist with such smooth vocals that the crowd was wild for every song the band performed from "Vegas Skies" to "Bounce". The song "One of those Nights" had some company when lead singer to The Summer Set lent his voice to part of the infectious song that had the crowd lifting people up so they could crowd surf, which worked out for them because they were dropped at the front of the stage where Alex jumped down into to the crowd, so they got a very good view...
It's getting later and everyone is severely pumped and impatiently awaiting for the curtain to reopen one final time when we start hearing the strums of an acoustic guitar behind the curtain and the sudden wave a screams began to crash in to the pit getting louder and louder until the curtain pulled away to reveal the ball of energy known to all of us as NeverShoutNever. Christopher Drew rocked the house with his indie/pop vibe and "What is Love" is still stuck in my head! I ventured upstairs where the merchandise was being sold and endless Wonka candy (yum:) when my friend grabbed my arm and dragged me to the exit of HOB where I noticed the lead singer of The Cab (Alex De Leon) stood talking to fans and taking photos, unfortunately my
camera was ill that night, but at least I can say I got a hug from the lead singer of The Cab.

I left the House of Blues really loving the experience I had and the music I heard. Of The night my favorite performance was The Cab and NeverShoutNever!!!

Sponsored by: RockStar Energy Drink, Wonka, Glamour Kills, Music Saves Lives

The GoodNight Anthem and The Honesty

The GoodNight Anthem

Just in time for spring comes some new, lively and satisfyingly punk/rock music. Out of Philadelphia with influences including MatchBox 20 and Third Eye Blind comes the band The GoodNight Anthem. They have been featured on “Absolute Punk” and the “Daily Chorus”, with songs played on the MTV shows “Next” and “Parental Control’.

With members Tony (vocals/guitar), Joe(guitar), Max (drums), and Ben (bass) making their way on tour amidst such groups as Mercy Mercedes, they will be performing in Florida around late spring. Their current EP is “Nights to Know You” The Deluxe Edition contains eight songs

including my personal favorites “Forgetting how to feel” and “American Movie”. The Goodnight Anthem's EP is currently available at select Hot Topic Stores and iTUNES. To hear The GoodNight Anthem just visit their MySpace at

The Honesty

The Honesty presently consists of Tasha Gilbreath as lead vocalist and Mikey Davis on drums. The band has only been in existence since September, 2009 and plan to expand to a 5 member group. They are from Baltimore, MD and have a catchy new wave sound putting a cool spin on the lead female rock groups today. Besides being beautiful, Tasha also mixes sweet and edgy vocals similar to Hayley from the award winning Alternative rock band Paramore and Cassadee of Hey Monday.

"We set out for a sound different to our scene." said vocalist Tasha who, along with Mikey, is recording their future debut EP. To check out The Honesty's debut song “Intentions” go to

Happy 2010 Music Lovers

NeverShoutNever and Linden

I could spend time asking how your summer went but the answer is "It was too short and now I have too much homework!" So since we have that out of the way let me introduce you guys to a uniquely talented acoustic artist. Those of you that have heard of him will understand when I say I'm out of words...- 'NeverShoutNever'.

This is the alias of nineteen year old Christofer. His big exposure came... yes, from the internet. A big thanks to MySpace! He began performing as 'NerverShoutNever' in September 2007.

He toured alongside big names such as The Cab, Mercy Mercedes, We the Kings and Forever the Sickest Kids on the Wonka Tour that made a stop at the Lake Buena Vista House Of Blues! This one of a kind big heart artist admires all his fans and takes time to acknowledge them! No matter the emotion he probably has a song to accompany you...I really enjoy 'liarliarpantsonbackwards' and 'I just laugh' NeverShoutNever is available on itunes now!

Linden, is a very talented group of singers and musicians coming out of Wisconsin. The group says Linden came from a song they each enjoyed, 'An Oak tree stands beside a Linden' from one of the group's favorite bands “I can make a mess like nobody's business''. Consisting of Kara on vocals, Casi on Keys/vocals and Steven on bass. The vocals of Linden are similar to a less hash not as hard VersaEmerge with musical styling similar to The Morning Of, Meg and Dia and pop's Kate Voegle.

Linden is currently in the studio working on their full length record! You can purchase their EP 'The Future Is...' on either itunes or the bands merchandise store at! I really enjoyed 'Attached' and 'reflections' which are posted on their MySpace.... Linden is a great pop band headed for a ranking in America’s top 40 countdown!


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