Tuesday, December 13, 2011

N.B.T winner's 'Sound Express' with 'Shut Up and Dance'

Head to the Backbooth in Orlando Florida on December 17th
For an EPIC Christmas show with:
"Shut Up and Dance"
"Sound Express"
"My Only Hero"
"7 Months Later"

presale tickets are $5, $8 @ the door.
For more info: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/256659261057573/

Thursday, December 1, 2011

XL 106.7 X-MAS show

XL 106.7's X-MAS show is back and bigger than ever before Getting acts together and under the same roof that might otherwise never happen. Invading the Lake Buena Vista House of Blues on December 12th, 13th and 14th, with performances by Jason Derulo, Karmin, The Fray, the one and only AVRIL LAVIGNE, the indie/pop band The Cab who hooked me 'Vegas Skies' and reeled me in with 'Bad', former Fall Out Boy front man Patrick Stump with his new 'Soul Punk' sound (but for all those FOB fans 'long live the car crash hearts:) as well as powerhouse Gavin Degraw and techno/alt dance band Cobra Starship, and Skylar Grey.

This line-up is sick, you have a wide varity of genres covered by some of the most talented artist of those genres! This will be EPIC!

For show details go to:http://www.xl1067.com/pages/xlentxmas2011.html

And I didn't forget; for your local music fix check out the winner of Orlano's Best band Alternative rockers 'A Brilliant Lie'. http://www.facebook.com/ABrilliantLie

Friday, November 11, 2011

Interview with 'Set The Score'

Interview By: Mandi of Hear That Tune Music
Set The Score is the pop/punk band hitting the scene out of Kissimmee, Fl.

"Hey its Josh, i play guitar and do vocals." "I'm hugo i play lead guitar." "Hey i'm Cam and I play bass and we're in set the score!"

You guy's are pretty young to have such a passion for what you're doing, how long have all of you been playing together?
We're are very passionate about what we do, we may be young but this is definitely what we love to do. We've been playing together for about a year, but we started Set the Score pretty recently.

 Now 'Set The Score' where did that derive from, Is there a meaning behind it?
Set The Score came from hours of no sleep and an endless amount of messages between each other ha ha. We really wanted a name that described what we were about and its pretty much about how we try to set the score for music, we want to really impress people with what we do considering we are pretty young. We may be young but we definitely pack a punch ha ha

 How do all of you balance performing and practice with school?
"school is a major priority so we start of with any work for school, and once we finish, that's when we head for 2 to 3 hour practices
(josh) "yeah we work hard so that we can work harder for our fans ha ha!"

Do you have a favorite place/venue that the band has gotten to perform at? And where is your fantasy venue that you would want STS to one day perform at?
"I'd say so far our favorite place we've played it is BackBooth in Orlando. It was a really great show for us, being able to get out there and play with some great bands. I would say though we hope to play at the House of Blues one day, its just one of those iconic venues. Every band plays there, and we've seen so many of our favorite bands play there. It would be great."

If you guy's could open for any touring band right now who would it be?
(josh) "i would say All Time Low or Blink 182" 
(cam) "big time rush haha"

#1 song on your playlist right now? 
(josh) "Girls do what they want by The Maine"
(cam) "The enemy by anthrax"
(hugo) "Life is just a fantasy, one of the songs off of our ep haha"

What is your long term goal for 'Set The Score' and what can we expect from STS in the near future?
"Touring the world is our long time goal, making music for everyone to hear, and just enjoying the world as people enjoy Set The Score.
I'd say you can expect a lot of big things from us, because we have big plans for Set The Score!"

If you had to convince a crowd of your peers to come check out a STS performance for the first time what would you say? 
"I would say, theres probably tons of things you can do, but only one involves us and some great music! and we wont disappoint you, we can assure that"
(hugo)" you wont regret it, come and enjoy one awesome show"
Finally this question seems to always be a favorite, must-have... Candy? 
(josh) "I love anything willy wonka"
(cam) "crunch bar"
(hugo) "swedish fish"

Thanks Guy's! 
You can check out STS live on December 10th at Miller's Ale House in Winter Park as they take part in this year's  Winter Wonder Jam!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trash 2 Fashion 2011 Results

Saturday we gathered for the 2nd annual Trash To Fashion Runway Show at Cooper Memorial Library in Clermont. The contest was without a lack of unique display's of creative earth friendly designs from wonderful local designers.Our MC was the beautiful Lucienne Diver author of the Vamped series who, as always, did a fabulous job and kept the audience's attention from wavering.

 As any event there are changes and the scheduled performance from Gemeni was canceled as they could not make the event, but where they failed to perform The comedy Troupe The VaudeVillians stole the show with their 40's inspired improv comedy, keeping the crowd laughing, they played their roles well and I will put a 'recommend' next to the VV. If you didn't make it to this year's T2F then catch them at the Clermont Moonlight Theatre.

At the Photo Wall both contestants and show-goers could have their turn at the the Trash to Fashion Photo wall having pictures taken and printed on-site not only of their wonderful designs but also with Lucienne and The VaudeVillians

 In the 11-15 age category Logan Covington walked away with the first place spot wearing a soda pop bodice with newspaper roll skirt and soda can belt, Second place winner was a group of designers which included Abbie Columbus, Summer Stilton and Taylor Stagg, The designed a coffee filter dress, newspaper belt and garbage bag with coke tab bodice, third place was Juliet Patterson who looked fantastic in a graduation gown sleeve skirt, tissue box belt and pipe cleaner necklace.
Our First place in the Ages 16 to 25 category was Margeaux Graham with a wallpaper and table cloth dress with wallpaper flower accents.  Second place goes to Aubrey Covington with a trash bag bodice and water label skirt with origami accents. In third place was Cassandra Bell wearing a festive dress from recycled chip bags.

This was a wonderful event and again a thank you goes out to all our fantastic contestants and everyone that worked on this event as well as a Special thanks to Judy Buckland and of course Cooper Memorial for allowing us to have the event for a second time in their facility.  

Monday, October 10, 2011

Live @ the Plaza

For the first time Some awesome band's will be coming together performing live at the Plaza in Orlando on October 15th and it's a must-see concert. A Hero's Fate has aquired a large following since 2007  touring the US with their pop/punk style. Chasing Thrill  has earned a spot at Taste of Chaos and the Warped Tour even scoring in the top 5 unsigned bands from SmartPunk.com with their powerpop/rock sound. Gemeni is the 5 piece alternative rock Orlando based band giving a gothic spin on their pop/rock sound with songs like 'Trapped' and 'Stake in the heart'. Fronted by twin sisters Gina and Lisa gomez who you can catch performing acoustially at this years Trash to Fashion on October 22nd at Cooper Memorial.

A Hero's Fate: http://www.purevolume.com/aherosfate
Chasing Thrill: http://www.purevolume.com/chasing_thrill
Gemeni: http://www.reverbnation.com/gemeni

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Shut Up and Dance"

Interview By:Mandi of Hear That Tune Music

1.Your style is really refreshing, how would you describe your sound?
 "I would describe our song as a modern twist to the 80's songs we love so much."

2.'Shut Up and Dance' is very descriptive and a little demanding, I love it, How did you come to that phrase as your band name?
"Well, anyone who hangs out with us for more than a minute will instantly pick up on the fact that we are all huge movie buffs. One of our top favorites is Waynes World, and in Waynes World II, the concept of if you "book them, they will come" seems to present itself as the on going theme. At the end of the movie, Aerosmith shows up to save the day, and plays there hit song, "Shut Up and Dance".

3.If you could only choose one song off you EP for a stadium of people to hear which track would it be?
"Definitely "Believe In Us". Not only did we pick that track to represent the entire album name, but it reminds all of us in Shut Up and Dance that we have dedicated so much of our lives to this project and to keep believing in ourselves along the way as we continuing to gain support from so many amazing people. The song itself is the one song we feel will remain with us as we continue to grow, timeless if you will."

4.How long have all of you been playing together?
"Well the majority of the members have grown up in the same scenes whether it was playing in the same bands or taking the stage with each other and decided to come together to produce a style of sound we all could enjoy. The band that we play in today was finalized when Jessi Riese, lead vocalist, joined the roster earlier this year. "

5.If you could do a cover of any song what song would it be?
"We definitely have had numerous discussions about which song would be best and although the majority of them seem to be right up are alley, remixing some of our favorites classics of the 80's, sometimes covers get the best results from coming outta left field, and picking something that fans would not expect. Either way, we are soon to release a cover that we have agreed on and we think will get the reaction from our fans, but until the release, we are gonna keep it under wraps."

6. I was at the Ladies Rock show at The House of Blues on Aug.13th, if you were to go on a US tour which of those bands would you want to open for 'Shut Up and Dance'? (Lilly and the Tigers, A Brilliant  Lie, Dollface)
"Honestly, that was the first time we had to the chance to play with all three of these bands and that show for us was one of our favorites. It would be great to go on tour with any or all three of those bands."

7. What would be your dream venue/place to perform?
"We all have different opinions on this one as well, ranging from more nostalgic venues such as CBGB to a more intense arena atmosphere such as Radio City Music Hall, but one of our biggest goals is to make it over seas."

8. What has been your proudest moment as of now for 'Shut Up and Dance'?
"The ability to play our hometown House of Blues multiple times is always surreal. Most any bands you'll ask will tell you that the moment the crowd sings your songs louder than yourself, is a something you'll never forget."

9.*Fan choice* Favorite Fast Food? (each member)
Jessi- "Wendy's "
Joey- "Pollo Tropical"
Chad- "In and Out Burger"
Kyle- "Taco Bell"
Sean- "Chick-fil-a"
"So you can imagine how insane it is to agree on what to eat when we're on the road."

10. Any shout out's to your Central Floida Fans?
"Central Florida is our Hometown! We can't thank our fans and families enough for all the support we've received and the crowds definitely represent in Orlando."
Buy their NEW single "If you let me" on iTUNES now!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rock Pink 'Ladies Rock'

This past Saturday was Rock Pink 'Ladies Rock' at the House of Blues, An Epic Night of contagious Dance and Rock Music by bands new and on the rise. With the Orlando based 'Rock Pink' that brings music and humanity together to raise awareness and support for local breast cancer programs, along with WJRR's SupaDave!

 I honestly came to see 'Shut Up and Dance', who may I mention did not dissapoint. From the moment the curtained opened the band kept the audience in a state of guesssing what may happen next, with their techno/rock beats sharing lead vocals between the contrasting tones of a male and female leads, I fully advise picking up their Brand NEW EP 'Believe in Us'!

What I didn't expect was to come out of the venue as a fan of bands I had not even heard of before that night!

Opening the night was pop/rock band Lily and the Tigers, infusing their sound with dance and club sounds. The different styles made a great mix and I will definitely see them perform again.

A Brilliant Lie did a awesome set and did not dissapoint, if your unawre of this alternative/rock band you must look them up.

Now, the band that was such a complete surprise was Dollface, to be honest I didn't expect a lot with society's previous experiences with 'girl band's' but these tough rockers did more than brake the mold they stole the whole show with their energetic perfomance and catchy melodies, a crazy combination of Dance and rock with a creative delivery that I had not seen in an all female group, and I'm clearly still caught in the the moment because their song 'We can dance forever' is undeniably stuck in my head only rivaled by the darkness in the song 'Mizery'. For those of you in the Orlando area You may already know of the lead singer Tiffany Martin, she is part of Monsters In The Morning 6 a.m.- 11 a.m. on Real Radio 104.1 WTKS.

So if your not already a fan of 'Shut Up and Dance' go 'like' their facebook page NOW!
And check out Lily and the Tigers along with Dollface!

DollfaceClick Here

Lily and the Tigers Click Here

Shut Up and Dance Click Here

A Brilliant Lie Click Here

Monday, August 8, 2011

Battle of the Bands 2011 Results

Battle of the Bands 2011
Friday Night we gathered at the Wesley Center in DownTown Clermont to watch as 5 of the best bands in Florida battled it out for $500 at the end of the Night!

Our Guest MC  for the night was the beautiful Lucienne Diver, the best selling author of Vamped, Revamped and Bad Blood. She did a fabulous job throughout the entire night.

Kicking off the night was the band Set The Score, followed by the guy's of Fallback 16,  then taking the stage was Radagun  proceeded by the Hard Rockers of DeadBolt Revival and closing the night was a fun performance by the punk/rockers of Vagrant Undertow!

  The night's big winners were announced by our MC Lucienne Diver as 2nd place went to Vagrant Undertow and first place and winner of $500 was  DeadBolt Revival!

With Great Bands; Set The Score, FallBack 16, Radagun, DeadBolt Revival and Vagrant Undertow the show had great music and sensational talent. And another BIG thanks to  Chick-fil-a, Lake County Libray System, Lake Front TV, First United Methodist Church and Lucienne Diver!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Interview with 7Months Later @ House of Blues

 '7 Months Later' inside House of Blues 7/23/11 

By: Mandi From: HTT music

7 Months Later, who came up with that and what exactly does it mean?
Chris " It's just the story of how the band started, behind the scenes if you will, Adam over here asked me to be in a band with him and I was unsure about it at the moment, but about 7 months later we ended up becoming a band."

Now,are you all Originally from Orlando?

How would you describe your sound?
Adam "Mostly Alternative/Rock would be I think the best word's to use, It's hard to generalize because we don't want to stereotype our music."

As a band who is your biggest musical influenes?
"I think we have a lot of different influences, and  one of us has a lot of different musical influences, but I mean we share some mutual ones probably Foo Fighters, Foo Fighters is a big one, probably Jimmy Eat World too, Yellowcard and Coldplay."

You guy's did a Lady Gaga cover, now I must ask are you 'little monster's' or was Edge of Glory just a really good song to cover?
"Well, It's popular... We're not Lady Gaga fans but when we heard that song it was Kinda like well this is something more relevant I feel that she's done and we felt like we could capitalize on that :) I don't know give and ' Edge' to it. Edge... of...Glory!"

How did you feel to be apart of Red, Hot and Boom's Next Big Thing Contest and any thoughts on the winner's?
Adam "Well Me and Nick are friends with the front man of the band that won (Sound Express) so we know him and we were happy for him, Of course we wouldn't have mind winning." Chris "But if it's gonna be someone at least be someone were friends with."

If you could open for any artist touring right now who would it be?
"Foo Fighters. They are playing pretty big shows."

Now HOB is one of my favorite venues, do you four have a favorite venue to perform at?
House of Blues

Ok, #1 song on your playlist right now?
"Probably New ColdPlay and we've been listening to 'Joyride' by There for Tomorrow"

Favorite snack/junk food?
Adam"White Cheddar Cheez-its"
David "pretzel M&M'S
Nick "Reese's Pieces
Chris "Popcorn"

Alright, any shout outs to your fans?
"Thanks Mom...dogs, sister!" "Our fans really mean a lot to us Thank You!" 

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Lake County Battle Of The Bands 2011

For those of you that don't want to wait in-line the day of show to get your tickets, GOOD NEWS you don't have to! You can get your tickets in advance Through NewBeginningslake.org  at The Wesley Center for only $5 and the tickets will be mailed directly to your house, Gotta love modern technology. But don't worry you may also purchase your tickets at the door for only $7. 

For your added enjoyment you will be able to purchase T-shirt's and CD's from some of the band's including; The Real, Vagrant UndertowSet The Score and the band Radagun who will offer their posters for FREE yupp  I said FREE:) 

Now one more bit of exciting information two of the band's performing; 'The Real' and 
'Set The Score' are both in the running for the Ernie Ball 15 contest so scroll on over to their band
profiles take a listen and VOTE! Then come see them live at The Wesley Center on Friday,
August 5th @6pm DownTown Clermont!  
 vote for The Real for the Ernie Ball 15: 

 Vote for Set The Score for the Ernie Ball 15:

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lake County **Battle of the bands** 2011

Here is the current line-up for the Lake County Battle of the Bands 2011@ the Wesley Center Clermont, Fl August 5th @ 6pm.

Tickets are only $7 and the Proceeds will go towards benefiting the homeless/hungry
in Lake County...

And *Just added* The MC for the night will be the one and Only Lucienne Diver, the gorgeous mind behind the best selling books Vamped and Revamped and Now her newest release Bad Blood! Lucienne Diver

pop/punk rock Formed in California in 2008.
The band now resides in Jacksonville, Fl. Was the featured band on jacksonville.com and their video 'Runaway'  is available on Fuse on demand. Members Aimee Ortiz and Todd Low find musical influences from artist including The Beatles, Fiona Apple, Yellowcard and Incubus. Find them on iTUNES and at Radagun's Website

The Real
 has performed along with Honor SocietyAction Item as well as A Hero's Fate. When two bands from the same small town parted ways, ( Pathway to Providence and My Getaway) they came together to create The Real With their EP due out on June 29th you can check out Evan, Carson, Felipe, Wade and Sean this August 5th as well as on their Facebook and PureVolume Page's.  


Vagrant Undertow
The Florida  pop/rock sensation 'Vagrant Undertow' coming out of Orange Park has played venues including The Haven, Murray Hill Theater, various Charity events and had appearances on CW 17  . The band has a fun youth mix of pop and punk reflecting a similarity to the great 'Blink 182' and the canadian punk hit makers  'Simple Plan'. Come see Justin, Brennan, Charles, Kevin, and Alex live!
You can check out the band's music and schedule on:
Set The Score

Here to bring back pop punk and prove they aren't just some kids.  A mix of old and new, with Inspirations from every style of music. The band is Currently writing and preparing to show everyone what they've got, after going through a name change and starting fresh, they're ready to start everything up again. They'll never give up their dream of playing for the world. They really are here to                                       Set The Score.  Set The Score's Facebook

Set The Score Is also one of the competing bands in the Battle of the Band's Ernie Ball 15, click below to vote or listen to their tracks. Vote Set The Score for Ernie Ball 15 

Deadbolt Revival
 Christian hard rock/rap band.
Their sound is defined by the band’s desire to deliver a God-inspired message that is powerful and direct. Their no-B.S. approach to living a Christ-inspired life led them to write in-your-face lyrics that are meant to challenge the complacency of modern Christianity, and  ignite revival throughout the Church.  Deadbolt Revival's Facebook

FallBack 16
has went from garage band to the latest punks to hit the
rock scene. With there blend of pop punk/alt rock
with influnces spanning from blink-182 to smashing pumpkins.
Stat tuned for the latest demo from these guy's that are  ready to burst out of the underground scene!!                                                      Fallback 16's FaceBook

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nick Carter ask for 'Just One kiss' in his new song!

Although he's back with the 90's boy band BackStreet Boys as they tour along side the New Kids On The Block as they create the super band NKOTBSB Nick has found the time to work on his second solo project set to release on iTUNES on May 24th 2011.

In 2009 Nick recorded the single 'Beautiful Lie'  with artist Jennifer Paige. Now back with 'I'm taking off' as the long awaited follow-up to 'Now or Never' and is out with the debut single 'Just One kiss'. Working with Rami, Carl Falk, Toby Gad,  One Hoge, Claude Kelly on this new album,  if your a long-time BSB fan or just a pop music lover be prepared to be lovestruck by this calm subtle video and a vibe of the more mature and seasoned Nick Carter in 'Just One kiss'.

 Nick will be touring to promote 'I'm taking off' on a decreased scale compared to the current NKOTBSB tour that's hitting arenas nation wide so stay posted to check his new touring schedule;)

You can watch Nick's brand new video on youtube.com


Monday, April 11, 2011

P!ATD Vices and Virtues

American alternative rock band Panic! at the Disco is back with their third studio Album Vices and Virtues.

The band was formed in 2004 in Las Vegas and hitting the music world in 2005 with the release of their 'A Fever You Sweat Out' debut album with a unique Vaudeville style. Their album debyed at #6 on the Billboard Independent Album chart and #1 on the Billboard Top HeatSeekers chart, and the first single "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" winning the 2006 MTV Video of the Year award.

Changing their style with each album they came back in 2008 with an organic baroque style in the album 'Pretty Odd' which debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart and the first single off the album 'Nine in the Afternoon' was #44 on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Best Songs of 2008. This album was the counterpart to the bands 2005 'A fever youu can't Sweat Out'.

Now they bring their fans Vices and Virtues, released  March 2011 they resurrect that gorgeous and tempting Vaudeville style that they do so well, adding a litlle Gothic spin in the video for the first release 'The ballad of Mona Lisa'.  This is by far my favorite video and song from P!ATD, you can actually see and hear how far the band has come musically. With the chorus so catchy I can't help but over play it.

I advise fans of earlier P!ATD music and admirers of the bands Cobra Starship, Fall Out Boy, The Black Cards, VersaEmerge and My Chemical Romance You MUST download  'the Ballad of Mona Lisa' from iTUNES or hey have the extra cash then invest in the full album, it will be your spring addiction;)

And don't forget to check P!ATD new tour schedule for dates near you!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Rock'n Girls of Gemeni!

Gemeni is a pop/rock band made up of twin sisters Lisa and Gina Gomez, Derek Campbell, Austin Browne, and Cameron Cunningham. 

With the band's influences ranging from My Chemical Romance to Kelly Clarkson, these talented girls have been singing and performing since the age of 5 and have grown into rock hard performers. 
Songs including 'Trapped' and 'Stake in the heart' 
showcase the bands amazing talent and musical versatility.

You can catch the full band of Gemeni performing at Club 57 West this month as  part of the Florida Music Festival and hit their ReverbNation page to listen to the  bands latest tracks. http://www.reverbnation.com/gemeni 

As part of the 8th annual Festival of Reading on April 8th you can see 
Lisa and Gina performing acoustically throughout the night at the 
Author's Reception 'Dying to Meet you'!

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to see these talented twins!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Festival of Reading preparing to Rock out?

(Central Fl, Lake County)

Spring and sleuths have arrived with 'Murder, Mystery and Mayhem' as this years 
theme for the 8th annual Festival of Reading that will not only bring 
with it great authors to the week long festivities but two great Florida 
based bands.

First on April 2nd @ 12:30pm punk rockers 'Vagrant Undertow' will take the floor performing live in the Leesburg Public Library.(These guy's also gave a live set for Lake Front TV which you can catch streaming on
http://www.lakefronttv.com/ ) So Rock out while enjoying great prizes, refreshments and of course meet the band after the show!

Then on April 8th @ 6:30pm in the Mount Dora Community Building come and  meet your favorite authors who are just "Dying to meet you"  while listening to the music of Lisa and Gina Gomez  of the pop/rock band Gemeni as they perform acoustically during the Author's Reception

As always stay in touch with all the happenings, new music and 
upcoming summer shows by logging onto MyLakeLibrary.org ~TeenLib.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vagrant Undertow Rocks the Studio

The talented punk/rockers Brennan, Justin, Charles, Kevin
and Alex performed this past Wednesday at the Lake Front
TV studio as part of the Festival of Reading Kick-off 
proving they have the personality and musical ability to be compared to punk greats 'Blink 182', 'Sum 41' and
'Simple Plan'

Coming from Orange Park Fl, with past performing venues 
including the Haven and appearances on CW17 and 
headliners for the 2011  The Shiners Chili Cook off and 
The Donna Deegan “Race for the Cure” Marathon.And Upcoming performances include the Murray Hill Theater. 

Come out and meet the Guy's on April 2nd @ 12:30pm as they rock the 
Leesburg Public Library!

To read more about the Guy's or listen to their latest tracks browse on over to http://www.reverbnation.com/vagrantundertow#!

Photos from the March 16th filming 

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