Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday Night Fever

Friday Night Fever is a Pop/Rock band blasting out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Formed from the remains of the two unsigned bands, Forever in a Day, and Saving Litchfield, they have a contagious sound and charismatic stage performances. It's really not hard to figure out why these guys are progressing so quickly in the music world.
Performing at various Bamboozle shows with PowerPunk Band Forever the Sickest Kids with current songs from the EP like "Glamour Kills", they offer something you really don't hear often in today's bands. Harmonizing, with melodies and utilizing lyrics that make you smile a little every time you hear a song and with such an infectious pop beat. A "Summer" song! as well as the popular "She felt like destroying something beautiful" are great examples. I could compare this to All Time Low, but it would not be accurate because on their tracks the vocals are much stronger. These alternative rock tunes catch you the moment the tracks start.

Friday Night Fever has been featured and praised by Alternative Press Magazine, Absolut Punk, The Daily Chorus, and top new music chart. I had the opportunity to interview the guys, and besides being a blast to speak with they are filled with dedication and ambition. They also agreed to give us a signed band T-shirt to go with the article.
You can find FNF on YouTube, Facebook, and ITUNES. As FNF puts it; "This is one fever you can't sweat out" Remember to request Friday Night Fever on your local radio stations so the band can get greater circulation of their music!

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