Thursday, July 29, 2010

The AP Tour HOB 2010

The AP Tour 2010 at HOB Orlando

The Summer Set, There for Tomorrow, Every Avenue, The Cab, NeverShoutNever

Sunday April, 18th 2010 was one of the biggest shows at House of Blues this year as of yet with the AP Tour and headlining artist NeverShoutNever. Getting to an already formed line at 2:30 in the afternoon outside the House of Blues I realized it was going to be a long afternoon when by 3:30pm everyone's clothes were drenched in rain and our umbrellas were doing a horrible job of keeping anyone dry. By 5:30 the line stretched nearly the entire length of the West Side section of DownTown Disney, both wet and excited we started to move slowly around the venue until I was submerged in the middle of a pit crowded with youth wanting to hear some great music.

At the first sound of drums behind the legendary HOB curtain's the crowds' screams began to grow larger and the curtain swung open to reveal the upbeat band The Summer Set who played a fun set and I must say being a girl I love the fact that they have a female drummer rocking the stage , I don't see that very often.

Now Hey Monday was the next band lined up to perform but as all the opening acts are subject to change the band There For Tomorrow played in place. The lead singer showcased his love of the stage and his skill with the guitar as well as a great set from the whole band. But something

interesting I noticed about this lead singer was when I looked around I noticed the majority of the audience screaming over him had wrist bands on (over 21). hmmm:)
Next was the punk/rock band Every Avenue who was personally my favorite of the three bands that had performed so far. They got the crowd going crazy when the band performed "Where Were You" and the lead singer let completely loose when he crowd surfed and climbed in the pit.
The Cab with lead singer Alex DeLeon was such a cool calm artist with such smooth vocals that the crowd was wild for every song the band performed from "Vegas Skies" to "Bounce". The song "One of those Nights" had some company when lead singer to The Summer Set lent his voice to part of the infectious song that had the crowd lifting people up so they could crowd surf, which worked out for them because they were dropped at the front of the stage where Alex jumped down into to the crowd, so they got a very good view...
It's getting later and everyone is severely pumped and impatiently awaiting for the curtain to reopen one final time when we start hearing the strums of an acoustic guitar behind the curtain and the sudden wave a screams began to crash in to the pit getting louder and louder until the curtain pulled away to reveal the ball of energy known to all of us as NeverShoutNever. Christopher Drew rocked the house with his indie/pop vibe and "What is Love" is still stuck in my head! I ventured upstairs where the merchandise was being sold and endless Wonka candy (yum:) when my friend grabbed my arm and dragged me to the exit of HOB where I noticed the lead singer of The Cab (Alex De Leon) stood talking to fans and taking photos, unfortunately my
camera was ill that night, but at least I can say I got a hug from the lead singer of The Cab.

I left the House of Blues really loving the experience I had and the music I heard. Of The night my favorite performance was The Cab and NeverShoutNever!!!

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