Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fefe Dobson

Pop/Rock Singer-songwriter, Fefe Dobson, from Ontario, Canada, began writing when she was 14, and by 16 years old she was taking the music world by storm.

In 2003 her self-titled album went gold and earned her two Juno award nominations; gaining endorsements deals with “Got Milk” ads and “Tommy Hilfiger” campaigns.
Fefe’s songs have been placed in Drew Barrymore’s film “Whip It”, “The Perfect Score” and on TV promo’s for “Fringe” and “Lipstick Jungle”.
Fefe was also a co-writer on the track “Start All Over” which was recorded by Miley Cyrus for her 2007 album Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus.
Now, she is releasing her sophomore album Joy in early July. With a British flair in the single “I Want You” and her newest release “Ghost,“ she not only showcases her versatility, but her creative musical style and wonderful pop/punk vocals. I recommend you also check out some of her older tracks like “Take Me Away” and “Kiss Me Fool”, but fair warning they will get stuck in your head!

For those of you in the Central Florida area Fefe will be performing for free at Red Hot and Boom this July, along with other talented artist such as Jessie James and The White Tie Affair.

If you enjoy Pink’s style, and Ke$ha’s daring melodies, you’ll love Fefe Dobson.

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