Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Shut Up and Dance"

Interview By:Mandi of Hear That Tune Music

1.Your style is really refreshing, how would you describe your sound?
 "I would describe our song as a modern twist to the 80's songs we love so much."

2.'Shut Up and Dance' is very descriptive and a little demanding, I love it, How did you come to that phrase as your band name?
"Well, anyone who hangs out with us for more than a minute will instantly pick up on the fact that we are all huge movie buffs. One of our top favorites is Waynes World, and in Waynes World II, the concept of if you "book them, they will come" seems to present itself as the on going theme. At the end of the movie, Aerosmith shows up to save the day, and plays there hit song, "Shut Up and Dance".

3.If you could only choose one song off you EP for a stadium of people to hear which track would it be?
"Definitely "Believe In Us". Not only did we pick that track to represent the entire album name, but it reminds all of us in Shut Up and Dance that we have dedicated so much of our lives to this project and to keep believing in ourselves along the way as we continuing to gain support from so many amazing people. The song itself is the one song we feel will remain with us as we continue to grow, timeless if you will."

4.How long have all of you been playing together?
"Well the majority of the members have grown up in the same scenes whether it was playing in the same bands or taking the stage with each other and decided to come together to produce a style of sound we all could enjoy. The band that we play in today was finalized when Jessi Riese, lead vocalist, joined the roster earlier this year. "

5.If you could do a cover of any song what song would it be?
"We definitely have had numerous discussions about which song would be best and although the majority of them seem to be right up are alley, remixing some of our favorites classics of the 80's, sometimes covers get the best results from coming outta left field, and picking something that fans would not expect. Either way, we are soon to release a cover that we have agreed on and we think will get the reaction from our fans, but until the release, we are gonna keep it under wraps."

6. I was at the Ladies Rock show at The House of Blues on Aug.13th, if you were to go on a US tour which of those bands would you want to open for 'Shut Up and Dance'? (Lilly and the Tigers, A Brilliant  Lie, Dollface)
"Honestly, that was the first time we had to the chance to play with all three of these bands and that show for us was one of our favorites. It would be great to go on tour with any or all three of those bands."

7. What would be your dream venue/place to perform?
"We all have different opinions on this one as well, ranging from more nostalgic venues such as CBGB to a more intense arena atmosphere such as Radio City Music Hall, but one of our biggest goals is to make it over seas."

8. What has been your proudest moment as of now for 'Shut Up and Dance'?
"The ability to play our hometown House of Blues multiple times is always surreal. Most any bands you'll ask will tell you that the moment the crowd sings your songs louder than yourself, is a something you'll never forget."

9.*Fan choice* Favorite Fast Food? (each member)
Jessi- "Wendy's "
Joey- "Pollo Tropical"
Chad- "In and Out Burger"
Kyle- "Taco Bell"
Sean- "Chick-fil-a"
"So you can imagine how insane it is to agree on what to eat when we're on the road."

10. Any shout out's to your Central Floida Fans?
"Central Florida is our Hometown! We can't thank our fans and families enough for all the support we've received and the crowds definitely represent in Orlando."
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