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'Anita Drink' and The Best of Both world's

July 20th after work head over to the DownTown Bar and Grill inside the heart of Clermont where classic rock trio 'Anita Drink' with the legendary Jill Tower's will be performing live!

Then on Saturday July 21st, no you're not staying home or sitting on your butt soaking up the rays from your computer screen, you're heading to the The Haven where Booked Promotion's presents the 'Best of Both World's' with Victoria Madison, Rathom Stone, Tiger Eyes and Rahman and the Noodles. All ages and tickets are $8 each.
enjoy ;)

Monday, June 25, 2012

'A Brilliant Lie' Interview

Say hello to 'ABL':

Zachary Teman, bassist,
Tim Cook-Berry lead guitarist/back-up vocalist,
James Christopher Lane drummer,
Tara Lightfoot, lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist

2. What makes you different musically than other Orlando bands?

Zach – “Mostly, the writing connection that we have within our band and the vast backgrounds of musical upbringing is what really sets our sound apart from those around us. We have finally decided that
our “genre” would be classified more or less as “Think-Outside-The-Box” Alternative Rock. At the end of the day we are just another rock band, but there are traces of indie/folky influences, as well as pop punk and hard rock undertones. With that being said, I think we have been able to bring those elements together and create a cohesive “sound” for A Brilliant Lie.”
Tim - “We try to challenge our listeners with unexpected structures and we rely heavily on ambitious lyrical content.”
Chris - “We play straight up the middle rock and take as many chances as we can with it”
 Tara –” Luckily, we are in a situation where we can write as a group. Not only do we try to write material that our audience will enjoy, but also songs that challenge us as musicians. I think the outcome is a sound that is fun and unique.”

3. What kind of imprint do you want to leave on society?

Zach – “Hope…nothing more”
Tim - “We want to have a positive effect on our listeners. Our music tends to be more or less an expression of our recognition of our flaws, but only in a positive way because we wish to better ourselves.”
Chris - “There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope.”
 Tara – “Hope, community, and creativity.”

4. ‘One’ word to describe your sound?

Tim - “Radiant.”,
Zach – “Quirky.”,
Chris – “Rock.”,
Tara –“Sincere.”

5. What style of music do you draw the most inspiration from?

Zach – “I couldn’t stick to just one are as there are influences in all sorts of genres for many reasons, whether it be from songwriting, to performance, to style and grace, to legendary musicianship. I have
personally been enjoying as of recently, bass work and composition from Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand, Muse, and Cake. Really groovy stuff that no one musician over plays the next.”
Tim – “Alternative rock.”,
Chris- “Alternative of the nineties. And true rock bands such as Foo Fighters.”,
Tara – “I love anything creative and distinct. Artists who (to me) actually ”created” a sound of their own…such as: Bjork, At The Drive-In, Ani Difranco, etc etc.”

6. Your dream venue to perform in?

Zach – “My dream when A.B.L. started was to play Orlando House of Blues. Since we are coming up on our 3rd time in a year performing there I guess I’ll have to pick a new one… maybe Red Rocks amphitheater in Denver… yeah.”,
Tim – “The Fillmore: San Francisco, CA”,
Chris- “Milton Keynes bowl in the UK.”
Tara – “Hmm….I don’t know about a specific venue, per se. But I’ve always wanted to play overseas…like somewhere in Japan. It would be so interesting to share music with a different culture.”

7. Why did you choose that particular band name?

Zach – *turns to look at Tim*,
Tim – “Because we believe the worst lies you can tell are the ones you tell yourself rather than others. Being honest with yourself helps to be honest with others. Because of honesty, things like friendship, inspiration, love, relaxation, and ultimately happiness are made possible.”
Chris- *turns to look at Tim*,
Tara - *turns to look at Tim*

8. For Tara (unless there are more girls in the band, we don’t judge) how does it feel being a female in an industry dominated by male artists?

Zach – *turns to look at Tara*,
Tim – *turns to look at Tara*,
Chris - *turns to look at Tara*,
Tara – “I’m not really sure that it’s dominated by male artists. There are a number of great female artists out there….so from what I can tell, it’s a healthy balance of both sexes. Gender isn’t a huge factor for me when it comes to art, music, and expression. So, I guess it doesn’t affect me too much at the end of the day.”

9. If you could open for any of the touring bands who would it be?

Zach – “Sick Puppies, Foo Fighters, Thrice, Dredge, Man Overboard, Modest Mouse. We fall in a weird in-between-genre category that’s been tough to place but kind of helps us reach different demographics of bands.”,
 Tim – “Foo Fighters.”,
Chris- “Foo fighters hands down.”,
Tara – “Hmm….At The Drive-In because they are my fav, and they’re actually playing shows again. Foo Fighters because our sounds would go well together (and I think they’d be super fun to hang out with). But I think we’d go well with a number of bands because our sound is pretty vast.”

10.. How important are fans to you? Would you treat the tween the same as the Steven Tyler generation?

Zach – “Fans are everything. Without them we would have never left the local watering hole. We love what we do and the directions that we are heading in, but without reaching out to wider and wider fan bases we could not grow as a band/fan family. It’s important to us to be a fan of the bands around us and on tour as well. Being a fan of music and just seeing all of what’s out there can expose you to new concepts, ideas, talented musicians, fantastic bands…and all of this makes you want to work harder than you ever have before. Now tween or Tyler generation, someone who appreciates music or what you’re doing is a fan no matter what the age. Even if they don’t like what you’re doing and voice constructive criticism that’s all food for thought and shouldn’t be disregarded.”,
Tim – “Fans mean everything to us.”,
Chris- “They are the heartbeat of us. We try to give back as much as we receive.”,
Tara – “I know this probably sounds trite and silly, but our fans are like an extended family. They are so kind and generous to us – from the folks we see all the time, to the people we’ve never met but who still take the time to come chat with us after the shows. We are beyond lucky. And the connections we’ve made with people because of this band are wonderful and genuine. As far as the generations go, music-lovers are music-lovers. That’s a beautiful thing.”

11. You have said your music is “thought-provoking” how so?

Zach – “Every bit of our music from the melodies and lyrics down to the rhythm and structure has a ton of work put in it to keep the musicianship entertaining, but yet still easily accessible to mainstream radio listening.”,
 Tim – “We write songs about moments of specific emotional clarity or distress in order to explore ideas/methods of proceeding towards happiness and clarity. We would never write a song simply stating “I love you, I miss you” because we are more focused on things like “I made a mistake, this is why, and these are the reasons I’ll never do it again.” In other words we try to be optimistic through self-evaluation.”,
Chris- “We aren’t a run of the mill band. Our structures are a little off the beaten path and sometimes it will take more than one listen to truly “get” a song.”,
Tara – “We work really hard to make music that’s digestible, but not cliché. With this mission in mind, we create music, structures, and lyrical content that are relatable, but still interesting to the four of us. Lyrically, we like to explore traits of humanity…things that we can all understand, but don’t always consider on the forefronts of our minds. There are already lots of great songs about relationships & boyfriend/girlfriend issues….so we figured we’d take a different approach and write about what makes us all (and the universe around us all) tick.”

12. Now, if we dared you to tell our audience something weird or unexpected about you in 10 seconds, what might you say ?

Zach –“My ears are two completely different shapes yet hardly anyone ever notices. FACT!!!!”,
Tim –” We are fans of mischief, at least the kind that does not harm others.”,
Chris-“I, Chris Lane, can go for over 10 minutes without blinking.”,
Tara – “I learned how to drive a tractor before I learned how to drive a car.”

13. Do you have a favorite book/novel on your downtime?

Zach – “Well I just started reading again. I read my first book since 9th grade. The book was Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”. I guess I picked it up because I love the fantasy of the Lord of the Rings movies and finally noticed a chance to read a book before the movie premiered. That way I could finally be THAT GUY… you know…the one that says, “Well that’s not how the book portrayed the story” as the credits role.”,
 Tim – “My favorite novel might “Ender’s Game” but I prefer films to books.”,
Chris-” I will forever be in love with Brian Greene’s “Elegant Universe.””,
Tara – “I am a big fan of books of poetry. My favorite authors/poets of all time are Denis Johnson and Emily Dickinson. So any of their collections would be winners in my book.”

THANKS! We will see you guy’s at House Of Blues this Saturday!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Sound's...New Find's!

In a world flooded with digital musical enhancements, I like to hear something raw and almost organic in comparison to the stagnant sound’s that surround us, I like to be caught and not bored, and that is what I hear in the upcoming duo ‘Dear Jealousy’. From the creator and former guitarist of the band ‘Chasing Thrill’, which I am already a big fan of myself, I’m interested to see where this new music venture takes Andy. The style is indie/acoustic with a quirky flair, his vocalist has similarities to Paramore’s Hailey and pop artist Cassadee Pope even a little Nora Jones. You can check out their cover of ‘Goyte’s’ Hit ‘Somebody I used to Know’ and a Drake and Rihana cover @ Keep an ear out for their new EP that will be out later this summer.

Anita Drink, just the name makes me want to know more! A rock trio that performs across Orlando bringing a weekend style to the stage as well as the legendary Jill Tower’s who if you didn’t already know has performed with so many great’s including Pat Benetar to Deep Purple just to name a few and is the lyricist behind ‘Save the Children’ for the North American Children’s Watch. Other band members include Jill’s daughter Kaleigh LeBeau on bass and Randy Coole on drums. They are a must see! Keep up to date on

Friday, May 25, 2012

Interview with 'Tiger Eyes' !

1.Now first I must ask what relation does Tiger Eyes have to the band Lilly and the Tigers?
"When we first started we went by that but we've been through so many changes we decided to update our name."

2.Could all of you introduce yourselves? 
We are: 
Chrissy Chase- Vocals/ bombshell
Mead Hall - Drums/hair fever
Pi Phi - Guitar/math major
Diego - Bass/translator

3. Who are the artist you draw the most inspiration from?
"We're a very diverse group and draw from many different groups. Some include: Madonna, Goldfrapp, No Doubt, Berlin, La Roux, Incubus, Depeche Mode, and even Katy Perry."

4. Style Wise, how would you describe "Tiger Eyes"?
"Electro Pop Rock with dance influences."

5.If you could chose one venue in Florida to perform in where would it be?
"The House of Blues with Britt Daley and Dollface which are two local bands we are friends with."

6.If you could tour with any band past or present who would it be? 
"La Roux or Little Dragon would be a dream."

7.What is your overall goal for  the band, what kind of impression would you like to leave?
"The over all goal is to be the biggest band in the world. We want to sell out Wembley and play the first show on the moon. We would like to motivate young and old to follow their dreams."

8.Now, if we dared you to tell our audience something weird or unexpected about you in 10 seconds, What might you say ;) ?
"We all love Lionel Richie :)"

Thanks for the Interview Tiger Eyes!
Stay updated to their upcoming show schedule and new music @

Friday, May 18, 2012

Badwolf @ HOB May 26th

Big News: 
On May 26th  at the House of Blues come check out the debut performance of the band 'Badwolf' with Joey Parkes of 'Shut Up and Dance' now the bass player for 'Badwolf'! Collaborating with Randy Stephens, Adriel Garcia and Mike Stebe Turning the dance style we recognize from SUAD to a more edge of alternative, a style we usually see from There for Tomorrow and Adelitas Way.
Their first single 'Rescue' is available now on iTUNES!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Post Show Results: Cooper Memorial Lib Battle of the Band's 2012

A crowd of garage punk/rock music hungry teens crowded into Rm 108 inside Cooper Memorial.

Jugdes put right in the middel of the human created mosh pit surrounded by teens and excitment, Judges included USF student Jeff Seaman percussion instructor and composer and drummer in the USF honors jazz band, Darek Piper who has 16 years of percussion experience and spent 4 years with the band juice and the legend that is Jill Towers with 6 internationally distributed CD's, performed with top acts Deep Purple, Molly Hatchet and Pat Benetar just to name a few. She performs solo and with her band 'Annita Drink' as well as the lyricist behing 'save the children' for the North American Children's watch. You can catch Jill performing this Friday at J.R's Attic in Winter Garden... all ages... Jill was a personal highlight of the event :)

Now Battle wise:
taking 3rd place was the pop/rap duo B-cool and Evahlyne taking home $100. 2nd place went to progressive/hardcore band Eklelpsis heading out with $200, Top spot went to heavy metal rockers Chernobyl walking away with $300.

Pictures will be posted from the event in the Teen~Lib photo gallery!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Interview with "Call to Start"

Hey, can all of you introduce yourselves to our reader's 
Chris - "Vocals" , Kevin - "Drums",  Mike- "Guitar",  Billy- "Bass", Brian - "Guitar"

2. How did you come upon the name 'Call To Start'?
"Well back when we were located in Merritt Island, we knew we wanted to represent our hometown in the name of our band. Merritt Island can probably be best described where the Kennedy Space Center is, so Call To Start resembles the countdown for the engines to start. We were also going through a reformation so a frest "start" was also a reason to the name."

3.Is there a particular artist that first inspired you to start playing music as individuals?
"We will probably give you the answer almost every pop-punk band gives, Blink-182. No matter what, everyone can love some blink."

4.How long have all of you been playing together?  
"Brian Billy and Kevin started up during the summer of 2010. During our reformation into Call To Start in February 2011 we added Mike, who was already a long time friend of the band. We went through singer changes and eventually got Chris November of 2011."

5.Venue you hope to one day perform at?
"Well, this was a hard question, because we all have different answers as to where we would dream to play. But we think it would be awesome to play a huge roof top party on a city like New York or South Beach."

6. What is the weirdest/funnest thing that has ever happened to you while performing?
"We were playing a show in our hometown of Merritt Island, our first show with Chris, and we got a noise complaint. The owner of the park came out, interuppted our set and told us we got a noise complaint. Chris went on to congratulate the crowd on the noise complaint and the owner (ex marine) yelled at Chris calling him a Smart Ass. Lol, that sucked."

7.If you were 'DARED' to do a cover of a Britney Spears song, which one would it be?
"Her entire discography. We jam to her all the time."

8.Who would be you dream band/artist to tour with?
"We couldn't come to a final answer. But we would create a tour with The Foo Fighters, Blink 182, and A Day To Remember."

9.What is the #1 song on your playlist right now?
"Satisfaction by Benny Benassi."

10. Favorite candy? :)
Mike-"Peanut M&m's"
Kevin- "Swedish Fish"
Brian - "Sour Patch Kids"
Chris - "Reese's Peices"
Thanks so Much, We will see you @ Bombshell's on the 4th!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Orlando Rock's April 7th @ HOB '12

This Past Saturday (April 7th) @ The House of Blues Shut Up and Dance took the stage and grabbed the audience's attention with their hybrid version of the pop/rock dance style that's a little on the addictive side of things especially their cover of 'Marry The Night' by Lady Gaga. Lead singer Jessi has a great stage presence and is so exciting to watch her perform, and Joey seems to have a veteran style that screams that he belongs on that stage. Sadly though it was Chad's (SUAD guitarist) last performance as part of the band... "We love you Chad"! You can catch Shut Up and Dance performing @ the FMF on April 19th and with Chasing Thrill on May 4th @ 7pm inside of Bombshell's Tavern in Orlando!

Alternative Rock band Mr.Bella took the next set changing the mood of the room and the sound in the venue but keeping the excitment in the room consistent to SUAD as they engaged the audience adding to their rock solid performance they offer up a unique infused musical style even covering an unexpected 'Just Dance' by Lady Gaga but a very good unexpected :)
You can catch our interview with Mr. Bella on and ~TeenLib

Mandi <3

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Orlando Rocks!

April 7th @ The legendary House Of Blues
located inside of DownTown Disney.

Featuring The band's:
Shut Up and Dance
Mr. Bella

Show starts @ 7pm

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mr. Bella Interview, see them live on April 7th @ HOB

Interview with Mr. Bella
By: Mandi of Hear That Tune Music

Mr. Bella... Can you introduce yourselves to our reader’s?
Erinmarie – Vocals

Amir – Bass/ back Vox

Joe -  Percussion, “Joe Murphy drummer”

Noah – Guitar, I'm Noah, the guitar player. I grew up in Northern Virginia. I was an overweight kid who just played his guitar a lot. My home base has always been rock music, but I like pretty much anything organic -- including blues, jazz, country, classical, etc.

2. Mr. Bella, now who was behind this band name and what is the meaning behind it?

“I guess I have to take responsibility for this lol. I happened to be studying French at the time I needed to come up with something quick. Since there are and were both guys and girls in the band I thought it was important to allude to that; so, Mr. Bella seemed to fit the part.  Mr. for the guys, Bella for the girls…it was never supposed to stick but our first show was packed and starting over from that point just didn’t make sense…and the rest is history. “

NOAH There was this big sweaty guy who lived down the street when I was growing up. He used to come over and drink all my parents' beer. So we named the band after him. Just kidding.”
“EM, you really know the answer to this more, but I always say "we're the 'mr' and she's the 'bella'.”
“I believe Erinmarie named the band after an Italian Drummer killed at Pompei.”

3. Describe your style and sound in 2 words?

“Aggressive melody”
“I can't”
“heavy but pretty....that’s 3 words...umm...  heavy prettiness??”
“The ballz”

4. As a band how long have all of you been playing/performing together?

Well, the music scene is a crazy place! We’ve all been doing this for quite a few years…probably more than my lifetime if you were to combine all the experience.”
“I moved down to Florida in 2000 and was in other Tampa Bay bands when I met ErinMarie. My first show with Mr Bella was in early 2005.”
“too long lol.... me 11 years, noah since 2005 with break in between... ???”.”
“ten years”

5. If you had to convince someone to listen to your latest release who had never listened to you before what would you say?
“I don’t waste my breath trying to convince people of anything. Freewill If you want to give us a shot – awesome, you won’t be disappointed. If not, that’s cool too – that’s why mainstream radio plays the same songs over and over and over and over…”
“Listen to this or I'll murder you. ~laughs I don't know. "Hey, wanna hear something?"
“It's a lot better than you think!”
You are the last one on the planet who hasn't listened to it, Come on jackwagon !!!

6. As a band Who is your greatest musical inspiration/influence?

“I don’t think that can be answered as a whole…we’re extremely diverse on our influences…to pick just one wouldn’t do us any favours.
For myself, I’d have to say Stevie Nicks, Raine Maida, Bif Naked and Alanis Morrisette…I think I REALLY found out what my voice could do after listening to her “Jagged Little Pill” album. That pushed me. Now, it’s a warm-up.”
“Each member is going to answer this differently. As a guitar player, I've been into a lot of different players over the years. I guess if I could only pick a couple guitar of players then I would mention SRV, Tom Scholz, Zakk Wylde, Gary Moore, and Ty Tabor as a few of my bigger influences. I guess a lot of bands influence me, but the ones who really inspire me are the ones who write stuff that's so dense (in terms of layering many tones, dynamics, odd time signatures, key changes, etc) that I have no choice but to listen, study, and learn. Those are bands like Structures, Textures, the Contortionist, Animals as Leaders, BTBAM, etc. I'm not always in the mood to listen to them, but there is a lot to admire about their music.”
“Varies between members.... too many to mention, but Brett Hestla really inspires me as a writer and composer.”
“All that Roxx”

7. What is your favorite venue to perform at in Florida?
“Hey, I think we may all agree on this one!  House of Blues! Not only is it a beautiful venue but it’s very comfortable experience for our fans as well and I think that’s important.”
“Tough question. I enjoy playing HOB Orlando a lot. They're really professional people to work with, and things tend to go smoothly because of their attention to detail. Plus it's a fairly large room and it's nice to see a lot of faces out there when you're playing. I liked Jannus Landing in St Pete too, because it's an outdoor setup with a cool vibe.”
“House of Blues Orlando”
“House of Blues”

8. What is the song you can’t get enough of at the moment? (each member)
“I’m obsessed with “This is Halloween” as performed by Marilyn Manson at this particular moment – haha  no, seriously though probably would have to be Dark New Day’s New Tradition album, I’m all over that album right now – don’t make me choose!!”
“Ugh, there are several. Lies of the Beautiful People by Sixx:AM, Fiend by Dark New Day, Coeur d'Alene by Alter Bridge, Buried Alive by Ready, Set, Fall. The list goes on and on but I'll stop there.”
“Straightjacket by Dark New Day and My Valentine by Paul McCartney”
“Come to the next sow and I'll play it 4 you” 

9.Favorite Junk Food? (each member)

“I don’t eat junk. Ever.”
“I don't really eat junk food in the form of candy bars and things like that. I'm uncomfortable with how much I crave movie theatre popcorn, though. It's not reasonable.”

Thanks for the Interview, Now all of you can see Mr. Bella Live @ House of Blues Orlando on April 7th!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Interview with the reggae/hip-hop band 'I-Resolution'

Hey guy’s your sound is a little unexpected with a cool underground feel for today’s punk/rock take over, but before I start picking you for details: 1. Can you introduce yourselves to our reader’s?
Alex (Drummer), Ali(vocals, meladica,guitar), Jake (guitar lead), Mark(Bass)

2. I-Resolution, who was behind this band name and what is the meaning behind it?
Originally we thought about calling the band High Resolution, meaning you know in High Definition or very high quality. Then we decide to change High and replace it with the letter I- just to make it more reggae, more roots and culture.
3.If you had to describe your style and sound in 2 word’s what would you say? Positive Energy

4.As a band how long have all of you been playing/performing together?
We all came on at different times. I would say that the band has been in around for almost two years but this group of players a little under a year.
5. As a band Who is your greatest musical inspiration/influence?
A lot of influences, Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Steel Pulse, Sizzla, Buju Banton, and that’s just our influences from one genre.
6.If you guy’s had the opportunity to open for any artist of the past or present who would it be?
Right now I would love to open up for Junior Gong and Nas
7. What is your goal for this band?
We want to tour, represent Orlando to the world, just spread good music.
8. What is the venue that you are most anticipating playing at one day?
I’d love to play a big stadium in Japan, or Brazil.
9. What is the song you can’t get enough of at the moment?
Ali- Simi- (one of our songs)
Now to the question’s that seem to matter the most ;)

10. What’s the most embarrassing song you turn-up and tell no one about?
Ali- I love the theme song from the office, I blast that when it comes on
11.Favorite Junk Food?
Ali- Del Taco
Thank You guy’s for the interview…

I-Resolution's Facebook page

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cooper Battle of the Bands 2012

Cooper Battle of the Bands will be held in Clermont inside Cooper Memorial
on the Lake Sumter College Campus, May 5th 2-4pm

You must sign-up before April 2nd

First Place- $300
Second Place-$200
Third Place-$100

open to ages 13-20

To enroll online send your name and your band info to Lisa P.
Subject “BOTB sign-up” <>;

More details to come…

R.I.P Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Her Legacy Shall Live on...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

R.I.P Leslie Carter

Gone way too soon... Leslie Carter <3

For those of you that were raised by the 90's and the early millennium era like myself this is a sad event as pop singer and sister to teen idol Aaron and older brother Nick Carter of one of the biggest boy band's of all time died suddenly this past Tuesday in upstate New York.

Leslie was only 25 year old's and had let the world into her life when she appeared on E's House Of Carter's (before that thing we call Jersey Shore). Leslie will not only be missed by all the Carter fans, but she leaves behind her 9-month-old daughter Alyssa Jane, her husband Mike and of course her four siblings:(

Vintage Leslie Carter :) in her 'Like Wow' Video


Monday, January 16, 2012

The Cab stops @ The Social

Friday, January 20th @ The Socal
5 bands 1 awesome night!

The Cab

Las Vegas created rock/pop band The Cab released their first album 'Whisper War' on April, 29th 2008, being called the 'Band you need to know in 2008' by Alternative Press Mgazine and featured in the list 'the 100 bands you need to know in 2010'.

Crowd's loved the soulful/pop sound of their first single 'Bounce' and following with a collabertion with the powerpop band from Florida 'Hey Monday' with their song 'Take My Hand'. Now with the bands fresh single 'Bad' off their Sophmore album 'Syphony Soldier' (out now), no one will be hungry for a catchy chorus you just wanna turn up a little too loud!

The Summer Set

Is an upbeat band that could probably make a cover of any random melancholy song sound liket the summer song of the year! This powerpop/rock band was formed in 2007 in Arizona. Might I suggest a quick listen to their song 'Someone Like You':)

Days Difference

A quaret from Virginia that seemed to go through some crazy and unexpected situations that tryed to derail their musical journey, but the guy's kept going and were signed by Universal Motown in June 2008 followed by Disney casting band member's Jeremy, Jonathon, Micah, and Jeremiah to play Miley's backing band in the big screen make of Hannah Montanna. Day's Difference has toured with acts such as Plain White T's,All Time Low,We The King's, and Cartel, and their single 'Speakers' peaked at #25 on the AC chart and was featured on the 2011 season finale of the Vampire Diaries. wicked;)

He Is We

Is the indie/pop duo from Tacoma, Wa. Consisting of Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly. Their first full length album 'My Forever' was releasedin November 2010. You can check out the bands facebook as they update with newest information.

Paradise Fears

Six friends from South Dakota is the ingredientss for the band 'Paradise Fears'. Winning th mid-west Bttle of the Band's at which they were compared to "N'sync meets a UFC cage match". The band's debut full length album 'Yours Truly' will be out soon...

For Show and Venue info go to :

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 gives you a NEW Orlando Rocks!

 Hello Music lovers and welcome to the best year yet! Wasting no time ‘Sound Lounge’ presents the first Orlando Rocks of 2012 @ the House of Blues on Friday, January 6th inside Downtown Disney gathering together a highlighted collection of local alternative rock bands  kick starting this EPIC new year! With music from one of the top 100 unsigned band’s of ’08  ‘Vega Under Fire’, along with ‘Waiting On Wonders’ and the winner’s of the 2011 Next Big Thing contest by XL106.7  ‘Sound Express’ opening last year’s Red, Hot and Boom in Altamont Springs, long with chart toppers including Hot Chelle Rae and AllStar Weekend.

In addition you can catch performance’s by Of Valley’s and Kayavibe live.

Doors open @ 8:00pm and the show start’s @ 8:30pm.

This is an all ages show and tickets are $5 at the door.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

N.B.T winner's 'Sound Express' with 'Shut Up and Dance'

Head to the Backbooth in Orlando Florida on December 17th
For an EPIC Christmas show with:
"Shut Up and Dance"
"Sound Express"
"My Only Hero"
"7 Months Later"

presale tickets are $5, $8 @ the door.
For more info:!/events/256659261057573/

Thursday, December 1, 2011

XL 106.7 X-MAS show

XL 106.7's X-MAS show is back and bigger than ever before Getting acts together and under the same roof that might otherwise never happen. Invading the Lake Buena Vista House of Blues on December 12th, 13th and 14th, with performances by Jason Derulo, Karmin, The Fray, the one and only AVRIL LAVIGNE, the indie/pop band The Cab who hooked me 'Vegas Skies' and reeled me in with 'Bad', former Fall Out Boy front man Patrick Stump with his new 'Soul Punk' sound (but for all those FOB fans 'long live the car crash hearts:) as well as powerhouse Gavin Degraw and techno/alt dance band Cobra Starship, and Skylar Grey.

This line-up is sick, you have a wide varity of genres covered by some of the most talented artist of those genres! This will be EPIC!

For show details go to:

And I didn't forget; for your local music fix check out the winner of Orlano's Best band Alternative rockers 'A Brilliant Lie'.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Interview with 'Set The Score'

Interview By: Mandi of Hear That Tune Music
Set The Score is the pop/punk band hitting the scene out of Kissimmee, Fl.

"Hey its Josh, i play guitar and do vocals." "I'm hugo i play lead guitar." "Hey i'm Cam and I play bass and we're in set the score!"

You guy's are pretty young to have such a passion for what you're doing, how long have all of you been playing together?
We're are very passionate about what we do, we may be young but this is definitely what we love to do. We've been playing together for about a year, but we started Set the Score pretty recently.

 Now 'Set The Score' where did that derive from, Is there a meaning behind it?
Set The Score came from hours of no sleep and an endless amount of messages between each other ha ha. We really wanted a name that described what we were about and its pretty much about how we try to set the score for music, we want to really impress people with what we do considering we are pretty young. We may be young but we definitely pack a punch ha ha

 How do all of you balance performing and practice with school?
"school is a major priority so we start of with any work for school, and once we finish, that's when we head for 2 to 3 hour practices
(josh) "yeah we work hard so that we can work harder for our fans ha ha!"

Do you have a favorite place/venue that the band has gotten to perform at? And where is your fantasy venue that you would want STS to one day perform at?
"I'd say so far our favorite place we've played it is BackBooth in Orlando. It was a really great show for us, being able to get out there and play with some great bands. I would say though we hope to play at the House of Blues one day, its just one of those iconic venues. Every band plays there, and we've seen so many of our favorite bands play there. It would be great."

If you guy's could open for any touring band right now who would it be?
(josh) "i would say All Time Low or Blink 182" 
(cam) "big time rush haha"

#1 song on your playlist right now? 
(josh) "Girls do what they want by The Maine"
(cam) "The enemy by anthrax"
(hugo) "Life is just a fantasy, one of the songs off of our ep haha"

What is your long term goal for 'Set The Score' and what can we expect from STS in the near future?
"Touring the world is our long time goal, making music for everyone to hear, and just enjoying the world as people enjoy Set The Score.
I'd say you can expect a lot of big things from us, because we have big plans for Set The Score!"

If you had to convince a crowd of your peers to come check out a STS performance for the first time what would you say? 
"I would say, theres probably tons of things you can do, but only one involves us and some great music! and we wont disappoint you, we can assure that"
(hugo)" you wont regret it, come and enjoy one awesome show"
Finally this question seems to always be a favorite, must-have... Candy? 
(josh) "I love anything willy wonka"
(cam) "crunch bar"
(hugo) "swedish fish"

Thanks Guy's! 
You can check out STS live on December 10th at Miller's Ale House in Winter Park as they take part in this year's  Winter Wonder Jam!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trash 2 Fashion 2011 Results

Saturday we gathered for the 2nd annual Trash To Fashion Runway Show at Cooper Memorial Library in Clermont. The contest was without a lack of unique display's of creative earth friendly designs from wonderful local designers.Our MC was the beautiful Lucienne Diver author of the Vamped series who, as always, did a fabulous job and kept the audience's attention from wavering.

 As any event there are changes and the scheduled performance from Gemeni was canceled as they could not make the event, but where they failed to perform The comedy Troupe The VaudeVillians stole the show with their 40's inspired improv comedy, keeping the crowd laughing, they played their roles well and I will put a 'recommend' next to the VV. If you didn't make it to this year's T2F then catch them at the Clermont Moonlight Theatre.

At the Photo Wall both contestants and show-goers could have their turn at the the Trash to Fashion Photo wall having pictures taken and printed on-site not only of their wonderful designs but also with Lucienne and The VaudeVillians

 In the 11-15 age category Logan Covington walked away with the first place spot wearing a soda pop bodice with newspaper roll skirt and soda can belt, Second place winner was a group of designers which included Abbie Columbus, Summer Stilton and Taylor Stagg, The designed a coffee filter dress, newspaper belt and garbage bag with coke tab bodice, third place was Juliet Patterson who looked fantastic in a graduation gown sleeve skirt, tissue box belt and pipe cleaner necklace.
Our First place in the Ages 16 to 25 category was Margeaux Graham with a wallpaper and table cloth dress with wallpaper flower accents.  Second place goes to Aubrey Covington with a trash bag bodice and water label skirt with origami accents. In third place was Cassandra Bell wearing a festive dress from recycled chip bags.

This was a wonderful event and again a thank you goes out to all our fantastic contestants and everyone that worked on this event as well as a Special thanks to Judy Buckland and of course Cooper Memorial for allowing us to have the event for a second time in their facility.  

Monday, October 10, 2011

Live @ the Plaza

For the first time Some awesome band's will be coming together performing live at the Plaza in Orlando on October 15th and it's a must-see concert. A Hero's Fate has aquired a large following since 2007  touring the US with their pop/punk style. Chasing Thrill  has earned a spot at Taste of Chaos and the Warped Tour even scoring in the top 5 unsigned bands from with their powerpop/rock sound. Gemeni is the 5 piece alternative rock Orlando based band giving a gothic spin on their pop/rock sound with songs like 'Trapped' and 'Stake in the heart'. Fronted by twin sisters Gina and Lisa gomez who you can catch performing acoustially at this years Trash to Fashion on October 22nd at Cooper Memorial.

A Hero's Fate:
Chasing Thrill:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Shut Up and Dance"

Interview By:Mandi of Hear That Tune Music

1.Your style is really refreshing, how would you describe your sound?
 "I would describe our song as a modern twist to the 80's songs we love so much."

2.'Shut Up and Dance' is very descriptive and a little demanding, I love it, How did you come to that phrase as your band name?
"Well, anyone who hangs out with us for more than a minute will instantly pick up on the fact that we are all huge movie buffs. One of our top favorites is Waynes World, and in Waynes World II, the concept of if you "book them, they will come" seems to present itself as the on going theme. At the end of the movie, Aerosmith shows up to save the day, and plays there hit song, "Shut Up and Dance".

3.If you could only choose one song off you EP for a stadium of people to hear which track would it be?
"Definitely "Believe In Us". Not only did we pick that track to represent the entire album name, but it reminds all of us in Shut Up and Dance that we have dedicated so much of our lives to this project and to keep believing in ourselves along the way as we continuing to gain support from so many amazing people. The song itself is the one song we feel will remain with us as we continue to grow, timeless if you will."

4.How long have all of you been playing together?
"Well the majority of the members have grown up in the same scenes whether it was playing in the same bands or taking the stage with each other and decided to come together to produce a style of sound we all could enjoy. The band that we play in today was finalized when Jessi Riese, lead vocalist, joined the roster earlier this year. "

5.If you could do a cover of any song what song would it be?
"We definitely have had numerous discussions about which song would be best and although the majority of them seem to be right up are alley, remixing some of our favorites classics of the 80's, sometimes covers get the best results from coming outta left field, and picking something that fans would not expect. Either way, we are soon to release a cover that we have agreed on and we think will get the reaction from our fans, but until the release, we are gonna keep it under wraps."

6. I was at the Ladies Rock show at The House of Blues on Aug.13th, if you were to go on a US tour which of those bands would you want to open for 'Shut Up and Dance'? (Lilly and the Tigers, A Brilliant  Lie, Dollface)
"Honestly, that was the first time we had to the chance to play with all three of these bands and that show for us was one of our favorites. It would be great to go on tour with any or all three of those bands."

7. What would be your dream venue/place to perform?
"We all have different opinions on this one as well, ranging from more nostalgic venues such as CBGB to a more intense arena atmosphere such as Radio City Music Hall, but one of our biggest goals is to make it over seas."

8. What has been your proudest moment as of now for 'Shut Up and Dance'?
"The ability to play our hometown House of Blues multiple times is always surreal. Most any bands you'll ask will tell you that the moment the crowd sings your songs louder than yourself, is a something you'll never forget."

9.*Fan choice* Favorite Fast Food? (each member)
Jessi- "Wendy's "
Joey- "Pollo Tropical"
Chad- "In and Out Burger"
Kyle- "Taco Bell"
Sean- "Chick-fil-a"
"So you can imagine how insane it is to agree on what to eat when we're on the road."

10. Any shout out's to your Central Floida Fans?
"Central Florida is our Hometown! We can't thank our fans and families enough for all the support we've received and the crowds definitely represent in Orlando."
Buy their NEW single "If you let me" on iTUNES now!

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