Monday, April 4, 2011

The Rock'n Girls of Gemeni!

Gemeni is a pop/rock band made up of twin sisters Lisa and Gina Gomez, Derek Campbell, Austin Browne, and Cameron Cunningham. 

With the band's influences ranging from My Chemical Romance to Kelly Clarkson, these talented girls have been singing and performing since the age of 5 and have grown into rock hard performers. 
Songs including 'Trapped' and 'Stake in the heart' 
showcase the bands amazing talent and musical versatility.

You can catch the full band of Gemeni performing at Club 57 West this month as  part of the Florida Music Festival and hit their ReverbNation page to listen to the  bands latest tracks. 

As part of the 8th annual Festival of Reading on April 8th you can see 
Lisa and Gina performing acoustically throughout the night at the 
Author's Reception 'Dying to Meet you'!

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to see these talented twins!

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