Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rock Pink 'Ladies Rock'

This past Saturday was Rock Pink 'Ladies Rock' at the House of Blues, An Epic Night of contagious Dance and Rock Music by bands new and on the rise. With the Orlando based 'Rock Pink' that brings music and humanity together to raise awareness and support for local breast cancer programs, along with WJRR's SupaDave!

 I honestly came to see 'Shut Up and Dance', who may I mention did not dissapoint. From the moment the curtained opened the band kept the audience in a state of guesssing what may happen next, with their techno/rock beats sharing lead vocals between the contrasting tones of a male and female leads, I fully advise picking up their Brand NEW EP 'Believe in Us'!

What I didn't expect was to come out of the venue as a fan of bands I had not even heard of before that night!

Opening the night was pop/rock band Lily and the Tigers, infusing their sound with dance and club sounds. The different styles made a great mix and I will definitely see them perform again.

A Brilliant Lie did a awesome set and did not dissapoint, if your unawre of this alternative/rock band you must look them up.

Now, the band that was such a complete surprise was Dollface, to be honest I didn't expect a lot with society's previous experiences with 'girl band's' but these tough rockers did more than brake the mold they stole the whole show with their energetic perfomance and catchy melodies, a crazy combination of Dance and rock with a creative delivery that I had not seen in an all female group, and I'm clearly still caught in the the moment because their song 'We can dance forever' is undeniably stuck in my head only rivaled by the darkness in the song 'Mizery'. For those of you in the Orlando area You may already know of the lead singer Tiffany Martin, she is part of Monsters In The Morning 6 a.m.- 11 a.m. on Real Radio 104.1 WTKS.

So if your not already a fan of 'Shut Up and Dance' go 'like' their facebook page NOW!
And check out Lily and the Tigers along with Dollface!

DollfaceClick Here

Lily and the Tigers Click Here

Shut Up and Dance Click Here

A Brilliant Lie Click Here

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