Tuesday, January 18, 2011

O-Town Reunion??

2011 seems to have set the stage for the resurrection of the 'Boy Band' with 'New Kids On The Block' and 'Backstreet Boys' uniting on a summer tour combining to form one super band NKOTB BSB Tour, Which we caught a preview of during their ABC 'Rockin Eve' performance in New York.

But is there yet another famous 'boy band' rebirth coming in 2011? Online reports are consistently saying the  O-town reunion is on its way. The guys were originally chosen on the ABC/MTV reality show 'Making The Band' in 2000, before the band split they had been held in comparison as the 'next' Backstreet Boys with hits 'Liquid Dreams' and 'All or Nothing' (covered by Westlife).

 Erik-Michael, Dan, Trevor and Jacob are said to back in the studio, and No I didn't forget the fifth member, Ashley Parker Angel has as of now  turned down the offer  to focus more on a stable acting career.

So Get your 'I heart O-town' poster back out, your BSB lunch box and tell your older sister to get her NKOTB Tiger Beat issue out of the attic, cause we're all about to turn 13 again!

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