Monday, August 9, 2010

New Politics

New Politics

Pushing the envelope of Lyrical petition and liberating their band from the current manufactured sound of one hit radio wonders. With a similar quality and musical styling to the band's Cage the Elephant and Paper Tongues, New Politics is a the dose of medicine for all you indie rock lovers and rock station surfers.

New Politics is a rock band from Copenhagen, made up of David Boyd, Søren Hansen, and Poul Amaliel. Receiving praise for their current debut single, "Yeah Yeah Yeah".

2009 the Guy's sent their songs ("Stress" and "Money") into the Danish National Radio P3’s Karriere Kanonen ("Career Cannon") competition. New Politics were one of 42 selected to perform, and was among the top four winners.

November 2009 New Politics signed with RCA, and on June 13, 2010 they released their first album, self-titled "New Politics", featuring ten tracks including their hit single "Yeah Yeah Yeah".

The band will be touring with 30 Seconds to Mars on the Into The Wild Tour in September and October 2010. Go check them out when they hit a city near you!

"This time around we shall march to battle, And bring victory to the people
Isn't that what you want?, Isn't that what we've wanted all along?
Watch the outcome, I'll give you the outcome!" Lyrics from New Politics single "Yeah Yeah Yeah"

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