Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Sound's...New Find's!

In a world flooded with digital musical enhancements, I like to hear something raw and almost organic in comparison to the stagnant sound’s that surround us, I like to be caught and not bored, and that is what I hear in the upcoming duo ‘Dear Jealousy’. From the creator and former guitarist of the band ‘Chasing Thrill’, which I am already a big fan of myself, I’m interested to see where this new music venture takes Andy. The style is indie/acoustic with a quirky flair, his vocalist has similarities to Paramore’s Hailey and pop artist Cassadee Pope even a little Nora Jones. You can check out their cover of ‘Goyte’s’ Hit ‘Somebody I used to Know’ and a Drake and Rihana cover @ Keep an ear out for their new EP that will be out later this summer.

Anita Drink, just the name makes me want to know more! A rock trio that performs across Orlando bringing a weekend style to the stage as well as the legendary Jill Tower’s who if you didn’t already know has performed with so many great’s including Pat Benetar to Deep Purple just to name a few and is the lyricist behind ‘Save the Children’ for the North American Children’s Watch. Other band members include Jill’s daughter Kaleigh LeBeau on bass and Randy Coole on drums. They are a must see! Keep up to date on

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