Friday, February 11, 2011

Indie Rocker Christina Perri... Move over generic wannabes !

A couple of nights ago I was streaming the radio through my computer, actually not paying much attention to the techno hypnotic  beats that seemed to have taken control of the airwaves, when I was struck back to reality by this deep almost tragic melody and I turned the volume high to hear what was coming to life through my speakers.

  'Jar Of Heart's' by the  indie rocker Christina Perri was the title, so I decided to take a listen to more of her music and I found this beautiful 23 year old is a massively talented singer/songwriter who has dabbled in almost everything from Olive Oil making in Italy to holding the position of excutive producer creating music videos and commercials and even spending time as an assistant to a rock band for a short time.

 Bill Silva Management who represents Jason Mraz as well as James Morrison signed to represent Christina when a  video of one of her original edgy compositions 'Tragedy' caught attention. Soon following 'Jar of Hearts' aired on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance as a backdrop to a memorable piece choreographed by Stacey Tookey, Which sent 'Jar of Hearts' into the Top 10 on the iTunes Pop chart.

A musical style that's softer than Alanis Morissette but rougher than Sara Bareilles  flowing lovely revenge through the song 'bang bang bang' and 'daydream' being the perfect soundtrack when your heart is  wandering off.
With music that is so raw and organic, so relatable I will have to say I really appreciate an artist such as Christina. She has created such imperfectly Beautiful music <3

Christina Perri will be on tour this Spring/Summer hitting different parts of the U.S

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